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To be information initiative maker based on parts machining maker.
We, ‘Mori’ got the system having the power analyzing information. It’s the system to support the management having strategy. Version5 new Mori’s manufacturing management system started to run January in 2009 to control the real manufacturing condition and cope with the client’s delivery requirements.

Manufacturing management system and documents control system were built up with ORACLE’s database to improve manufacturing efficiency and products’ quality.

・It’s possible to cope with client’s requirements rapidly by comparing the acceptance of order gotten from EDI system and actual stocks. Also, it’s possible to rightly control the cash flow of sales department by comparing the data of manufacturing control and financial data.

・Speedy delivery is performed by the manufacturing process continuously and adopting barcode input system through the each process like purchasing of materials, machining of parts, assembling and dispatching work.

Manufacturing management system
management system
Documents control system
Documents control system