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Mori’s motto is to be the best company instead of the biggest company.

Since our company was founded,
our company has been widely trusted
in both hydraulic and pneumatic automation industry fields
by brushing up our precise machining technique.
‘Mori’considers it’s to be the best company to timely cope with the requests of persons,
clients and areas with unique information system combined with developing,
manufacturing and managing together.

Three advantages had by ‘Mori’.

Top Message

Representative  Atsuiku Mori‘Mori’ has strived with the motto that is to be the best company instead of the biggest company, since founded in 1960. ‘Mori’ has contributed by manufacturing hydraulic and pneumatic products thoroughly from their parts to assembling and performance inspection.
From now on, we, ‘Mori’ continue to strive to make the products adjusted to client’s needs reflecting technique and quality. We, ‘Mori’ sincerely hope to receive your instructions and supports.
Representative  Atsuiku Mori

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